Falcam TreeRoot Quick Lock Travel Tripod



  • Triangular tube: Initiative-rich combination of portability and stability
  • 1/3 locking: operation remains precise
  • Middle column with quick release
The non-circular shape results in uneven stress distribution on all sides. Stiffness is weaker than that of a cylindrical tube
M40 high modulus carbon fibre material
The legs are made of M40 high modulus carbon fibre, a material that has
has more than 60% more Young’s modulus than T300 if we assume equal-diameter single filament fibres. This advanced composition provides superior tensile strength and bending resistance to the structural components, ensuring you have solid support for creative work and sharp photos.
The TreeRoot Quick Lock Travel Tripod can be easily grasped with one hand and requires only about a one-third turn to quickly unfold or store the legs.
Operation remains precise
The leg lock includes a built-in limit structure to prevent inadvertent disassembly and confusion in the locking direction during use.
Each leg has four sections and can be adjusted into 3 positions, providing different shooting angles for flexible photography.
Resistant to jamming in sandy and windy environments
The legs are equipped with built-in O-rings for sealing, which significantly reduce the ingress of sand and dust into the legs from above.
Increased locking force
The tripod has a 360° locking mechanism and uses a 360° evenly loaded rotation locking mechanism, creating a stronger locking force
Next-generation F38 Pro Quick Release
The F38 pro is compatible with most standard Arca-Swiss quick release plates and has a load capacity of up to 5 kg.
Quick release interface Anti-slip protection mechanism
The quick release ballhead interface includes customisable limit columns
and slot designs compatible with most Arca-Swiss quick release plates limit structures and offers non-slip protection.
Dual panorama setting modes
The tripod supports both horizontal panoramic and vertical shooting, with adjustable
damping for precise control. Each lock button offers tactile and audible cues, allowing you to accurately control the lock button.
Effortless execution of low angle shots
The initial quick-release centre column with butterfly lock lets you
easily remove without tools at the bottom to instantly switch to low-angle shooting. This ensures smooth and uninhibited creative expression.
Multifunctional hook
Equipped with a screwdriver, the hook can also be used to hang backpacks, water bottles and other items. Supplied with both 1/4 ‘and 3/8’ screws, it also supports the use of a long or short centre column.
Stable support
The versatile rubber foot supports provide stable support on a variety of surfaces and protect sensitive floors such as tiles and wood.
After removing the rubber foot pads, the three-tooth spikes can provide stable support on soft carpets or ice surfaces.
Abundant expansion interfaces
Equipped with F22 quick-release interfaces, 1/4’ Arri expansion thread hole, carry strap holes and compatibility with Maglink quick release.




  • Material: Carbon Fiber + Aluminum Alloy
  • Number of Leg Sections: 4
  • Leg Tube Diameter: 26 x 40.75 mm, ⌀22mm, ⌀17.9mm, ⌀13.8mm
  • Maximum Height: (with center column extended): 1552mm
  • Maximum Height: (without center column extended): 1305mm
  • Minimum Height: 168mm
  • Storage Length: 473mm
  • Weight:1.5kg
  • Recommended Maximum Static
  • Vertical Load of the Leg Tube: Around 50kg
  • Recommended Maximum Load: 10 kg (with the center column extended)
  • Capacity of the Center Column: ~20 kg (without center column extended)


In the box


  • 1 xFalcam TreeRoot Quick Lock Travel Tripod
  • 1 x F38 Anti-slip Quick Release Plate V2
  • 2 x H4 Allen key
Solid, Fast, Superior
The Falcam TreeRoot Quick Lock Travel Tripod with triangular tube improves both portability and overall stability. The design provides a slim, flat fit during storage with contours that feel natural in the hand. In particular, it offers better overall stability at the bottom than comparable cylindrical tubes of the same diameter.
Fast Quick Release
The ability to quickly mount and dismount your camera and equipment saves valuable time during shoots, letting you focus more on capturing the perfect shot and moments and less on handling equipment.
Camera Safety
Crafted with high-quality materials. This system offers durability and peace of mind, ensuring your equipment stays secure even in the most demanding conditions. Enabling you to adapt quickly to different shooting scenarios.
Versatile Compatibility
Designed to work seamlessly with a wide range of cameras and accessories, the Falcam system provides the flexibility you need to meet the demands of various projects and environments.
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Falcam TreeRoot Quick Lock Travel Tripod
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