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Shenzhen Xiaosun Zhichuang Technology Co., Ltd(FALCAM), incubated in 2019 and officially founded in 2020, focus on the research and development, design, manufacture, sales and solution of video equipment. By creating superior-quality, small and efficient products, we hope to help improve the efficiency of video production and daily shooting, making video production more efficient and making photography something to be enjoyed.

The brand name "FALCAM", comes from the "falcon" and "camera", meaning exquisiteness and quickness, creativity and originality.
There are three product lines: FALCAM F38, FALCAM F22 and Geartree system jointly launched by FALCAM and MediaStorm, more than 100 items in total, which are highly praised by photography enthusiasts and professional filmmakers on Bilibili, Douyin and other media platforms.


Originated from a passion for photography, a journey of creation started with an idea.

How to explain "make video production more efficient and make photography something to be enjoyed. "

It's our goal. With love for the photography industry and through gaining insight into the needs of users, we are rigorous and serious in trying to make every idea a reality, and continuously bring creativity and imagination to provide consumers with innovative, safe, lightweight, efficient and high-quality video shooting accessories, bringing more convenient and enjoyable shooting experience for users.

We want to help filmmakers to take a break from the tedious preparation of the shooting to concentrate on the creation. Even with only one person working with multiple cameras, it is easy and simple to operate the equipment to quickly capture inspiration and record the beauty of every moment.


We had gone out to shoot in minus 20 degrees Celsius, just for capturing the beauty of the snow drifting in the sky. We once woke up at 3 a.m, just to be hit by the feeling of capturing the lightning. We climbed the peak, just to get closer to the bright starry sky and record the beauty of nature.

Photography is a process of finding, discovering, framing and keeping beauty, "No matter how tough the situation is, we think it's well worth taking a picture with a soul", said Archer, the CEO of FALCAM. And during the ups and downs of photography, we found that there are still some unsolvable troubles with existing photography accessories tools we found that there are still some unsolvable troubles with existing photography accessories and tools. For example, fixing the machine in cold weather, with our already frozen hands to screw hard, is a kind of pain into the bone. Or sometimes the wrench is forgotten or lost, then the camera system cannot be set up properly.

Another example, there was a shooting, as the camera switching speed is too slow, we had not yet screwed to fix the tripod, the cloud covered the starry sky could have been captured. So we thought, if there can be a quick release system, no screws, no wrenches, one-handed operation available, then is it that all these annoying problems of tedious preparation in photography can be solved?

Since existing products can't solve our problems, why not create them ourselves?
 We thought, so we did. The two post-90s "Science geeks" who love photography hit it off and started to draw the prototype of the FALCAM.

How do we explore the infinite possibilities?

FALCAM always insists on the product philosophy of "small but extraordinary, simple but efficient", constantly developing and innovating high-quality film and television shooting equipment products that focus on improving efficiency, to continuously promote the development and innovation of the photography accessories industry, to let the world see the youthful vitality and creativity of "Made in China", and strive to become a leading global platform for video equipment accessories.

Be enthusiastic, be sincere, be down-to-earth dreamers, and the future created by technology will be filled with possibilities, that's what we believe.

Falcam Quick Release L Bracket (SONY A7IV / A7SIII)
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